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Dr. Alok Nath
Dr. Alok Nath



About the doctor

Dr. Alok Nath is a highly efficient and committed neurosurgeon who has a prestigious background in this field. Dr. Nath, an MBBS, MS, and MCH in Neurosurgery from super speciality institute IPGMER, SSKM Hospital in Kolkata, has gained not just skill and expertise but also belief in the same over the course of his exemplary medical career.

The most impressive development in his knowledge of neurosurgery and his career as a neurosurgeon has been the six years of experience that he have acquired. He has accomplished 10,000 head trauma and stroke surgeries which evidences his superb surgical expertise and unconditional passion for saving lives.

Besides that, he has already done more than 8,000 spinal surgeries, thus, indicating his ability to perform complicated operations and give a ray of hope to those who have been in a chronic pain for quite some time.

The renewed experience of Dr. Nath in the brain tumor resection category was further fortified by his performance of over 700 brain tumors operations. His sharpness and gracefulness while he manages to wipe out these life threatening growths have buys the lives of many patients a second chance. Moreover, he performed more than 500 spinal tumor operations and vascular operations that showed his ability in several spots as well as treating different neuronal diseases.
Before the current job that he is doing as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Silchar Medical College Dr. Nath already served as a Consultant at IPGMER, SSKM Hospital in Kolkata. It is from this well-reputed University that he sharpened even more his clinical skills and accomplished a goal to interact closely with the greatest minds in the medicine field.

Rather than just being a skilled and experienced surgeon, it is Dr. Alok Nath’s tireless commitment to his craft combined with the ability to deal with the complexity of the brain and spine that make him truly a treasure for the medical community and a trusted ally for the patients in need.

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