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Dr. Ananya Dutta Roy
Dr. Ananya Dutta Roy



About the doctor

Dr. Ananya Dutta Roy is a Silchar based internal medicine specialist, who exhibits a passion and commitment for her profession. Coming from a middle-class family, Dr. Dutta Roy went through MBBS from Silchar Medical College and subsequently MD from Tezpur Medical College.
Pushed by her inborn curiosity to unraveling medical riddles and providing empathy care, Dr. Dutta Roy pursued a specialization in internal medicine. Over time, she not only treated many complicated cases but also enabled her patients to get back to a healthy life. With her capacity to notice the small details and trace illnesses back to their core, she is a great diagnostician.

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Having managed many cases with various conditions, Dr. Dutta Roy has learnt to provide comprehensive health care with much focus on the patient. In fact, her vision is to practice her expertise for proper diagnoses and causes-procedure-treatment approaches only for patients. For her, the doctor-patient relationship is all about communicating with them one on one and helping them grasp what their illnesses.

It is her strong attraction for the science and its solution that makes her decided to be a doctor. She expresses herself in that way by saying, "Medicine is Sherlockian. You solve cases from clues and that fascinates me."

Dr. Dutta Roy dedicates her time to her patients. She is a compassionate physician who makes each patient’s problem her priority and speciality by being one of the most sought after internal medicine specialists. Besides, she continues to improve and expand her capacity and knowledge through consistent medical training to give her patients the best possible care.

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