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Dr. Aryakamal Das
Dr. Aryakamal Das



About the doctor

Dr. Aryakamal Das is a prominent Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon who commands the knowledge and experience which breathe life into the field of cardiovascular and thoracic medicine. His educational background includes an MBBS from Silchar Medical College, and an additional DrNB in Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery from NH-RTIICS Kolkata. His mastery in Video-assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) that he acquired from MEDTRONIC, IN, makes him an accomplished professional who is well-equipped to provide the quality services of the latest technology.

Dr Aryakamal Das Fiftycolabs

Through his six-year tenure as a surgeon, Dr. Das has conducted over 500 surgeries; these include a variety of procedures which is aligned with his expertise. His knowledge domain is broad involving Uniportal thoracic surgery, menial invasive surgery, robotic thoracic surgery, vascular surgery (cold and warm), hybrid vascular surgery and interventions, aortic surgery, lung cancer surgery, varicose vein treatment, peripheral arterial disease and its interventions, hybrid aortic interventions, coronary bypass surgeries and heart and vascular disease.

Dr. Das who has grown up with the argument that cardiovascular and thoracic diseases are the toughest problems among current diseases is of view that these can only be solved by the multidisciplinary approach. He believes that teamwork between doctors, surgeons, scientists, advanced practice providers, nurses and pharmacists can help us stop diseases.

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