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Dr. Bhaskar Gupta
Dr. Bhaskar Gupta



About the doctor

Dr. Bhaskar Gupta is an expert dermatologist who possesses high knowledge and has achieved outstanding results in healthcare throughout his career. Being born in 1970 in Silchar, Assam, Dr. Gupta had a strong sense of purpose of changing lives of people as he was starting his field of medicine.

Having completed his MBBS, Dr. Gupta picked up a new challenge and carved out a niche for himself in dermatology by obtaining his MD in this specialized area.

Having an extensive 29 years’ experience in healthcare, he is well known and admired in the medical community. He deploys his vast knowledge in identifying and curing a large spectrum of skin diseases, all progressed his status as a trusted and reliable dermatologist.

Along the journey of his career, Dr. Gupta illustrated a true passion in terms of developing dermatology as one of the medical specialties. His devotion to research, keeping always up-to-date with the latest developments in skin care has helped him to give his patients the best available solution.

As the Principal of SMCH, Dr. Gupta is responsible for the provision of healthcare services and health education in the area. His leadership and mentorship made a strong foundation of case for the institution, in which he kept the organization always at the edge of the medical education and the health care.

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