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Dr. Navonil Gupta
Dr. Navonil Gupta



About the doctor

Dr. Navonil Gupta is a qualified and committed orthopaedic surgeon from Silchar with many years of experience under his belt. He holds a long track record for addressing various orthopaedic problems. Having completed his MBBS and MS in Orthopaedics, he has 6 years of experience in delivering exceptional patient care.

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So far, Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Gupta has handled more than 1900 orthopaedic cases in both Tezpur and Barak Valley and he has conducted more than 800 surgeries. Impressively his surgical skillset ranges between tackling trauma, joints, sports injuries, arthroscopy, and other diverse fields. Nevertheless, Dr. Gupta’s goal stretched out to beyond surgical dexterity. He strives to try and inspire individuals to facilitate their recovery by themselves, after injury or illness.

Dr. Gupta's interest in orthopaedics developed during his years as a medical student, when he was inspired by the fact that the field of orthopaedics allowed him to change the way people live their lives by offering them a chance to recover from debilitating conditions or injuries. He felt himself strongly attracted to the complexity and precision of orthopaedic surgery as much as to the enduring effect such kind of surgery may bring sometimes.

Besides his working hours, Dr. Gupta loves to keep himself busy into fathoming research papers and reading journals. He has published his own journals into various national and international platforms and also attended various National & Regional Orthopaedic Conferences for presentation of papers & posters.

Dr. Gupta's expertise in orthopaedics and his considerate manner makes him a knowledgeable and trustworthy orthopaedic surgeon.

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