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Dr. S K Roy
Dr. S K Roy



About the doctor

Dr. Roy S.K. is an experienced professional and dedicated child specialist who has been serving the community of Silchar for more than a decade. Having been born and living in the region, Dr. Roy has a great insight about the peculiar healthcare needs of the community there.

After graduating with an MBBS degree from a prestigious medical college, Dr. Roy aspired to specialize in pediatrics and thus went ahead to get a Diploma in Child Health (D.C.H). Identifying the full essence of neonatal care, he went on to complete the highly regarded Fellowship in Neonatal Acute and Critical Care. As a result of this striding program, he has got the global knowledge on pediatric treatment and has acquired the skills of applying the latest and current evidence-based care.

Dr S K Roy in his chamber

The easy way to notice the affection of Dr. Roy for his little patients is how he cares a lot for each of them, making sure he does all that is necessary to provide personalized medical service. He possesses the knowledge and the dedication to ensure that children from Silchar get the medical attention that they need both in body and mind. Thus, he is an indispensable resource of the health sector.

For more than a decade Dr. S. K. Roy, a specialist in pediatrics, has been working in this field and gives all one’s heart to provide remarkable and most advanced care.

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