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Dr. Sambuddha Dhar
Dr. Sambuddha Dhar



About the doctor

Dr. Sambuddha Dhar is a renowned neurosurgeon who has been working on neurosurgery and has achieved amazing results. He serves as the Head of Neurosurgery, SMCH, with all his expertise and experience gained from his training in JIPMER where he completing his MBBS and MS in Neurosurgery. He also took MCH on IMS-BHU, specialized in Micro neurosurgery at AIIMS Delhi, and completed his training in Neurointervention at INK-Kolkata and National Neuroscience Institute Singapore and Spine Workshop in Mumbai.

Dr. Dhar’s great expertise and modern procedures are the reason why his surgeries including interventions for brain tumours and brain injuries such as strokes are thought to be the thing of the future. The absolute devotion of the doctor to the realisation of personalized, patient-oriented care undoubtedly gave rise to his universal fame and made him respected throughout the world by his colleagues.

Besides that, Dr. Dhar, has an attitude of integrating other forms of medicine methods such as acupuncture and meditation into his treatment plans.

He also managed to bring the neurosurgery to a whole new level and dedicatedly provided the patient-oriented medical care into the region of Southern Assam.

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